August took his early inspiration from Japanese animation and manga. He would copy images from some of his favorite shows and comics, and use the techniques learned to draw his own work. His distinct style started emerging while attending Longwood University, where he discovered surrealism. Mostly working in pencil and charcoal, color became a more dominant aspect while taking a class that used experimental media in figure drawing. It was also in this time period that he dove into ceramic work.


Graduating with a BFA (concentrating in drawing and painting), August was invited to stay for an extra semester doing a ceramics residency. During this time he started getting his work into shows and his first gallery. Upon finishing his residency he has bounced around and is now living with his wife and child in Virginia. While still being influenced by Anime, Manga, and Cartoons, he has absorbed other influences such as Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, and general magic/fantasy worlds.

August continues to create and spread his work where he can. He is also conducting some new dabbling in the Merchandise realm. A Mythos is forming around his subject matter, and it helps to inspire more work, and in turn the new work helps write more Mythos. He has started releasing consolidated excerpts of Mythos on his website.

You can follow August’s progress through his Instagram @augustoster or his FACEBOOK page.