Mythos is an everchanging and evolving beast. Be aware parts of the story may change with time. The text of recent updates and heavy edits will be colored as so.

As I create art more story is released and inspired. Here is my attempt to consolidate the unearthed lore exploring the strange and powerful beings of the world Nachtfufu.

In the beginning space was created and the magical essence Mehrra was injected into it. Eliskraul the Source set to work using the magic to create stars and planets. Gorthok the Uncreator constantly destroyed the new creations.

The Source lured the Uncreator to the planet Nachtfufu. Here Eliskraul created Summoners to open portals and bring creatures from other dimensions to a colosseum of slaughter. Gorthok was drawn to and joined the destruction.

Through time, the rise of civilization, the birth of the Somnium Monstrums, and the creation of other safeties, Gorthok entered a subdued state. Most of these events are now hazy and forgotten memories.

“Nachtfufu and the Mehrra


Nachtfufu is a world similarly sized to Earth, but resides within another dimension. It is a mostly barren planet soaked in the power of Mehrra. Mehrra can be harnessed as a magical energy source and is recognizable by its signature purple and red patterning. In its natural state it takes a physical form like a thick liquid smoke. It is sometimes found in large underground rivers and reservoirs. Any creature residing on Nachtfufu has survived the corruption of the Mehrra's aura, usually transforming or mutating them. Touching or injesting the Mehrra is known to cause insanity and death.

Mehrra in physical form. Excerpt from the painting "Ballet of the Uncreator".

“Written Language”


Nachtfufu has a written language that is widely known. It is based on a twenty six character system.

An excerpt from the origin story of this universe.

“Gods” (more to come)

Schlauf Kore: Had his power drained and his physical form imprisoned for the past 650,000 years. Schlauf Kore was a universe hopping and destroying God.

Schlauf Kore's Head

“Demi Gods”

Eliskraul The Source: A creator with the ability to make anything from nothing. It made the world Nachtfufu, the galaxy that it resides within, the Summoners that helped subdue Gorthok, and much more.

Gorthok The Uncreator: A destroyer with the ability to turn anything into nothing. A very large being. Currently kept in a subdued state by a colosseum of death and the work of the Somnium Monstrum.

Eliskraul. Excerpt from the painting "Eliskraul The Source".

Gorthok's Head

" Wizards "

The inhabitants of Nachtfufu who harness the Mehrra are championed as Wizards. They have found a variety of uses and powers from harnessing Mehrra. This knowledge has been passed down and grown with each generation. The responsibility of learning Magic is to act as a gatekeeper of Gorthok and hunting any who try releasing It.

Aganoth: Travels the land exploring and finding new creatures / objects to attach  with his summoning symbol. He can pull things through space to be by his side if he has marked them. He cannot transport himself or anyone of his own species. Aganoth traveled to the Great Tree and ventured deep within the planet to harvest pieces of its roots. So infused with magic, the wood is three times heavier than normal lumber. He used these materials to craft his bow and make enough shafts to fill a quiver. The full capabilities of this weapon are unknown as his body cannot handle its power. This was shown when he was hypnotized by Naufroom and forced to attack Gorthok. Aganoth became ensnared in a battle with the monsters brought by the Summoners. Naufroom forced him to fire his bow at full power, but before it could fully charge, the bow blew Aganoth’s arm off. Surprised, Naufroom dropped control and fled. Aganoth was able to summon a wraith to fire the bow while he made his own escape.

Naufroom: A ranking member of The Order and the fiance of Ishnon. He was the victim of an accident where Mehrra shot into his eyes. In return for his sanity he gained the power to see through things and across the planet, to create illusions, and control others through a hypnotic technique. His own power continues to grow as he keeps absorbing Mehrra against his will. He has made it his goal to enter the portal within Gorthok.  Naufroom controlled Aganoth in an attempt to destroy the Uncreator but was unsuccessful. Naufroom later seeks out and takes over COTU. Other wizards have sentenced him to death. 

 Ishnon: One of the oldest and most powerful wizards of Nachtfufu. She uses her body as a container for pure Mehrra but does not succumb to sanity loss or death. No one knows how old she is and some say she has met Eliskraul Itself. She casts her spells through different flutes to create  and control the Somnium Monstrums. Ishnon is a member of The Order, an integral figure in subduing Gorthok the Uncreator, and the fiance of Naufroom.

       Nishta was orphaned as a young girl. As is usual for the orphans of Nachtfufu, Nishta found herself in a caravan traveling to join “The Creators”, a sect of Eliskraul worshipers. She made a lot of friends in the caravan and was happy with this new life.

       Upon reaching the capital the caravan was attacked by a COTU raid. Before Nishta was killed Ishnon appeared and quickly executed the villains. Orphaned again she wept in fear, disgust, and anger. Ishnon pulled the traumatized Nishta into her arms and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’m your family now.”

Aganoth after losing his arm. His summoning symbol is visible on his left forearm. Reference the painting "Ballet of the Uncreator"

The Wraith

A Wraith that can be summoned by Aganoth. Aganoth's summoning symbol is visible on its chest.


In Thine Image

Ishnon creating some baby Somnium Monstrum. Image of the painting "In Thine Image"

Offense to Defense.jpg

Nishta Bloodstorm as renditioned in the painting "Offense To Defense".

       Nishta was taken in by Ishnon. Training vigorously in the ways of Mehrra, she became renowned for her strength and ferocity on the battlefield. She gained the title Nishta Bloodstorm.

       Ishnon presented Nishta with an ancient weapon created by Eliskraul itself. Two metal bars whose forms can be manipulated by the wielder. Ishnon also created magic enhancers that Nishta wears wrapped around her iconic horns. Tearing a loop off and eating it increases her magic output, speed, and strength several times as she becomes a tempest of death.

       Nishta is often requested by villages to kill monsters that escaped Gorthok’s coliseum, but her main efforts are dedicated to hunting dens of COTU. She has become a figure of fear yet beauty to the cult, resembling a Goddess of destruction. Dying by her hand is considered a good death. Some have started worshiping her alongside Gorthok as a purveyor of doom.

Naufroom always wanted to help the people of Nachtfufu. Existence on this planet is difficult for most. He worked hard to become a member of The Order so he could use the power of government in this endeavor. The source of magic on Nachtfufu is the dangerous substance Mehrra. Naufroom made great strides in creating technology that fused small amounts of impure Mehrra with common objects increasing their usefulness. Naufroom wished to do much more. He hoped to harness the corruptive substance to create a power source for the people, improve infrastructure, and further develop civilization. He found the Mehrra to be uncontrollable on this scale.

        During this time Naufroom and Ishnon started interacting, leading to a happy relationship and eventually engagement. Periodically Naufroom would inquire of Ishnon, "How do you harness Mehrra with your body? If I could use whatever technique you found I could..."

        But Ishnon would always cut him off, "My body is not to be used that way. I'm sorry but it is impossible for me to help you like that."

        Naufroom did not know but there was a seal on Ishnon that prevented her from explaining her body and limiting how she could use its Mehrra containment. She was not even able to say she had a seal on her. If she did it would destroy her.

        The first several times Ishnon refused him he let it go and continued working. As time progressed with more failed experiments Naufroom grew bitter. "If you would tell me I could help millions of lives!"

        "NO!" Ishnon repeated, "It is impossible, please trust me!"

        "I will bring it before The Order and they will make you help me! My most recent experiment is so close! With your body..."

        "You would dare use The Order to force me? What's wrong with you? You're not treating me like a person and you will fail."

        Ignoring Ishnon, Naufroom made a fool of himself in front of The Order. It was obvious this was no longer a selfless endeavor to help the people but an unhealthy obsession. His eyes looked like they would pop from his skull as spit flew from his mouth. Naufroom's voice did not go silent until he was almost shrieking and the member Naynoon raised his hand for Naufroom to stop. The symbols on the backs of Naynoon’s hands glowed as he held his palms over his eyes. He peered through them at Ishnon. Naynoon spoke, "Naufroom. I can see a powerful seal within Ishnon most likely keeping her from sharing this information. Did this possibility occur to you? Ishnon is one of the founding members of this council and has spent thousands of years doing what she can for the people. Do you think she wouldn't have done something like this if it was within her means? How can you feel righteous in treating your fellow Order member, your FIANCE, in such a self-centered way whilst touting that it is for the greater good?" Naynoon pulled his hands back from his face and looked to Naufroom. Sweeping his hand in an arcing gesture he croaked, "Members. Our fellow leader is not in the right state of mind to sit at this table. Naufroom we all greatly respect and appreciate your hard work but this has been ridiculous. All in favor to suspend Naufroom for two greater moons while he reevaluates his thoughts?"

        "Aye" resounded through the chamber. Naufroom was dumbstruck. He looked across their faces and then to Ishnon. She did not return his gaze. Naufroom yelled with anger and briskly left the hall.

        Deciding he needed no one, Naufroom traveled to his remote lab. He moved about the room igniting fires, turning knobs, mixing, pouring, chanting and casting. His experiment almost whispered back. He completed a few more tasks and went back over his calculations. They came out unquantifiable which he mistook for a good sign.

        Whistling, a bright glowing, smoke, and then a deep rumble started coming from his amalgamation. "NO NO NO!" Naufroom cried as he ran about the room making more adjustments. He tried to stop the process. Too late. Through his foolish confidence Naufroom had hooked this experiment directly into a Mehrra well. The machine exploded shooting glass, potions, and pure Mehrra into his eyes.

        His body became a magnet for the magical essence as more and more of it exploded from the ground and forced its way into him. His lab was on fire and he was bleeding from searing shrapnel. Panic and pain stormed his mind along with the Mehrra that kept pouring into his body. He let out a piercing scream and his eyes shot light beams bursting through the walls of his lab and across the landscapes of Nachtfufu. Colors spinning and exploding with illusions of pained beasts appeared around the planet. The beings of Nachtfufu felt themselves unwillingly freeze for half a second. All of this caused the first awakening of Gorthok the Uncreator in ten millennia.

        Gorthok grew to Its full size and pulsed with an energy so deep it could be felt through a rattling of bones and trembling of internal organs. The first energy release blew away the clouds. Gorthok rose from It’s dream-like state and began to move forward.

        A second pulse quaked through Nachtfufu and Naufroom felt a pull from Gorthok. He peered through the planet with bleeding eyes. He was able to see the second pulse came from within the deity. There was a dimension of Chaos within a portal. With blood trickling from his nose and mouth Naufroom peered deeper. Within the realm of Chaos a power called to him. Naufroom fainted.


        It took several weeks of effort from the Somnium Monstrums and wizards to subdue Gorthok. A month later Naufroom awoke surviving the long slumber through his body eating itself. He was emaciated and caked in blood. His injuries were mostly healed but the smell in the room was unbearable. He had not been found as this lab was a secret. It is frowned upon to experiment with pure Mehrra. He blinked a few times and then easily peered back through the planet directly into Gorthok. The portal had closed. Mehrra pulsed within his eyes and he felt the power calling him once more. He knew he must enter that realm of Chaos but he questioned how. One does not climb into Gorthok’s mouth nor even touch It without expecting to no longer exist. How was he even alive after the Mehrra forced its way into his body? He began a raspy chuckle but quickly was stopped by blood-soaked coughs.

        Naufroom dizzily stood and set out in search of inspiration...

Doom Riff

Gorthok rampaging after Naufroom's foolishness. Depicted in the illustration "Doom Riff".

Under the control of Naufroom, Aganoth used his bow to attack Gorthok, losing his arm in the process.  The attack was thwarted by the Summoners. 

“COTU (Cult Of The Uncreator)”

With their motto “pain is for the living”, COTU is a violent doomsday cult that wishes for the release of Gorthok and the destruction of the universe. Periodically they attempt to release The Uncreator but always fail and die. Their secondary mission is to cause violence and chaos in their deity’s stead.

All members wear a mask and have the symbol of COTU visible on their chest. The symbol appears over their hearts serving as a seal against betraying the cult. If a member tries to give out any information on COTU their heart will immediately explode. As a result The Order has given up capturing members for interrogation and instead calls for execution on sight.

A member of the Doomsday Cult COTU

The symbol of COTU.

“Somnium Monstrums”

Creatures that are created and controled by the wizard Ishnon. Ishnon uses the Somnium Monstrums as lookouts, warriors, and hypnotizers. All Somniums have the ability to shoot lasers from their eye(s). Mostly found around the area Gorthok the Uncreator is being subdued. They have also been seen flying high above the land to some unknown destination. Some say they have witnessed a person riding on a Somnium's back.

Baby Somnium Monstrum. Excerpt from the painting "In Thine Image"

"Evolving Somnium Monstrum"

Image of the painting "Somnium Monstrum"

Excerpt from the painting "The Guardians and Distraction"

Excerpt from the painting "Shaman of Conflict".

“Other Creatures of Nachtfufu”

Summoners: Beings created by The Source working as distractors and protectors of Gorthok by constantly opening portals to other universes and bringing forth monsters to slaughter each other for the distraction of The Uncreator. If someone approaches Gorthok the Summoners are notified by the Somnium Monstrums and will turn their slaughter towards the visitor. 

Sir Fluffy Nibblens: One of the many beings brought to Nachtfufu by the Summoners' portals. Sometimes creatures escape the death colosseum of Gorthok. Only those who survive the corruption of the Mehrra continue as new inhabitants of Nachtfufu.

Summoner. Excerpt from "Ballet of the Uncreator".

Sir Fluffy Nibblens, a bat that resides on Nachtfufu.

Maugmore:  A ferocious beast often used as a riding mount by the COTU. Its rovings are imbued with magic and are sought after by string spinners to make more powerful articles of clothing.

Sneedu: A common sight all over Nachtfufu. It has been noticed that local Sneedu travel in a similar direction. It is unknown why this is. Normally they lazily float along and will not bother anyone. However if you try to follow one it will attack you ferociously. Some say they have witnessed a Sneedu eat a person's head, take over the body, and then deliver a verbal warning to others nearby.




End of Currently Available Mythos

Mythos is an everchanging and evolving beast. Parts of the story may change with time and the text of recent updates / heavy edits will be colored as so. More Mythos will be revealed as pieces of art are created that it can be related to. . .