Giclee print of the painting "Offense To Defense"


All prints come signed on the back by the artist


Some MYTHOS about Nishta Bloodstorm (for more look to the MYTHOS page on the regular site):

       Ishnon presented Nishta with an ancient weapon created by Eliskraul itself. Two metal bars whose forms can be manipulated by the wielder. Ishnon also created magic enhancers that Nishta wears wrapped around her iconic horns. Tearing a loop off and eating it increases her magic output, speed, and strength several times as she becomes a tempest of death.

       Nishta is often requested by villages to kill monsters that escaped Gorthok’s coliseum, but her main efforts are dedicated to hunting dens of COTU. She has become a figure of fear yet beauty to the cult, resembling a Goddess of destruction. Dying by her hand is considered a good death. Some have started worshiping her alongside Gorthok as a purveyor of doom.



"Offense To Defense" Giclee Print